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Whether you need fast and accurate front line service to your machines or require regular preventative maintenance, Team Machine Tools provides the know-how and technical skills needed to keep you running at optimal performance.

Retrofits & Rebuilds

Team Machine Tools can provide a viable alternative to purchasing costly new machines by improving the mechanical and electrical performance of your current medium to large-sized machine tools.  By choosing to refurbish an existing machine, you can improve its accuracy and overall performance, and bring it up to modern day speeds and capabilities.

Slideway grinding, renewing Turcite and scraping, new ballscrews, new rack and pinion drives, hydraulic and hydrostatics systems, and installing completely new electrical PDP cabinets are just some of the ways you can update and maximize your machining time.  Team Machine Tools specializes in integrating and installing CNC systems using Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain, and Fagor.  Other systems are available upon customer requests.

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Alignment/Laser and Ball Bar Calibration

Machine accuracy and meeting industry standards are a must for companies in the manufacturing and machining sector. Today, many customers require proof that machines have been regularly calibrated to meet ISO, Aerospace, Military and other governing body standards.

Calibration service on manufacturing machines – particularly metal working and composite machines – provides customers with a view of the machine’s present accuracy capabilities and can provide corrective measures to restore or improve accuracy to most industry standards. It also provides traceability and tracking of machining tolerances.

Team Machine Tools has invested in metrology equipment by world class manufacturers to ensure we have the right equipment for the right job. Combining this with our expertise allows us to tackle complex gantry bed alignments that require precise elevation and parallelism. Additionally, we can offer dual laser calibrations for precise calibrations of master and slave axis. No matter how large or complex the machine is, we have the expertise to get the job done right.

The benefits to regular machine alignment and calibration are:

    • Reduce lost production time due to high scrap rates or part re-work
    • Reduce unnecessary downtime for diagnosing problems
    • Identify mechanical issues before they become serious
    • Ensure ISO compliance at all times

Team Machine Tools is proud to work with these major suppliers for our precision measuring equipment:



The Renishaw product line offers robust solutions for industrial metrology and machine tools calibration providing productivity improvements in manufacturing and research.





A worldwide leader in laser alignment technology for over 45 years, Hamar designs, manufactures, sells and services a wide range of laser alignment and calibration systems to satisfy virtually any alignment application.




Click on the button below to read more about machine tool calibration and some common misconceptions.

Laser Calibrations – Some Facts & Misconceptions

Safety Grades & Integration

New machines must meet with the PSHSR (Pre-Start Health and Safety Review) guidelines before they are released for use in production environments. However, older machines must also function at a level to meet with applicable codes and safety standards across North America and Europe.  Failure of a machine to reach these standards can result in it being shut down by the Ministry or local safety board until standards are met.

Team Machine works closely with Professional Engineering firms who are licensed to perform such inspections and certification.  Working alongside our customers, we can design, manufacture and integrate solutions to upgrade many types of machinery to the required standards, in the most suitable, safe and financially viable means.

Upgrading an older machine’s performance levels results in lowering large capital equipment expenditures and maximizing productivity.

In Team Machine Tool’s electrical design process for CNC retrofits, we automatically construct and build to local ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) standards.  We can also incorporate specific requirements for PSHSR and safe operator environments should the customer request it.

Many machine tool companies are now proactively performing their own safety start up reviews on older machinery in order to pre-empt future problems, accidents and fines for non-compliance.

Machine Relocation

Team Machine Tools has vast experience in moving and relocating machines, locally and globally.

Machine relocation is required in several circumstances – either a used machine has been purchased at auction or from another company, or a customer may be transferring assets from one division to another, be it in a different country or even continent.

Moving a machine can be a sound financial decision based on the value of the machine.  Relocation costs are easily justified when they’re a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new machine.

Team Machine Tools can handle all aspects of machine moving and relocation, from dismantling to shipping to installing.  Many customers also choose to have the machine refurbished or upgraded throughout the process.

BAE – USA Machine Relocation

Team Machine Tools Machine Relocation
Team Machine Tools Machine Relocation
Team Machine Tools Machine Relocation

Case Study

Case-Study-Alstom1For an example of a Team Machine Tools relocation project, please see our Alstom case study on the relocation, refurbishment and installation of a CNC Vertical Boring Mill from Alabama to India.





Spindle Grinding

Team Machine offers machine tool users a practical and accurate solution to what is often the culprit in tool tip wear – vibration and chatter.

Frequently the last area of attention on any machine is the spindle taper.  Foreign matter and particulates can make their way onto the surface of the machine’s taper surfaces via coolant, chip blasting, welding dust and airborne chips that land on tool adapters stored in the auto tool changer. Even though machining fines are extremely small, once in place between the adapter and taper, the wear process begins due to the large clamping pressures exerted by the tool clamping mechanisms. Variations between different tool adapter manufacturers or by a loss of clamping pressure, may cause an adapter under cutting load to begin to loosen and vibrate. In turn, this can cause taper ovality and eventually less and less contact surface area is maintained.

By means of a master taper adapter we are able to check the trueness of the taper and regrind the taper to restore suitable contact, thus insuring minimum tool deflection. Our specially designed taper grinder allows us to achieve fine grinding levels to minimize stock removal while maintaining correct angular restoration.

Team Machine Tools offers onsite/on machine grinding for ISO 40, 50, and 60 tapers.  Please note that our machine has some restrictions on small vertical machining centres if clearance between the table surface and the spindle face is too small.

Click on the video below to watch Team Machine Tool’s Spindle Grinding service in action.